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General Information:

• Spain and Italy belong to the Schengen area; therefore, whoever has a valid document for their stay in either of these countries is allowed to move freely from one country to the other without official border checks. For special cases, should there be any doubts about the documents required for boarding, it will be necessary to contact the airlines directly.

• Non-EU citizens residing in Spain may travel to Italy for up to a maximum of 90 days within 6 months (for work or study purposes) with a valid passport and Spanish residence permit. Those who hold an expired permit and are in the process of renewing it will have to wait for the new card to enter Italy (short-term visas cannot be granted in these cases).

• A visa is mandatory in case the expected stay exceeds 90 days, or (for whatever duration) is due to a work contract.

• The Visa Office in Madrid is in charge of authorizing the entry in Italy of third-country nationals residing in Spain.

• Italian citizens in need of information about entry requirements in third countries may check the following website:

• Relatives of Italian citizens who are interested in the entry and stay in Spain should contact the Spanish authorities, which are in charge of issuing visas and residence permits for relatives of EU citizens residing in Spain.


Visa Requirements:

• For information about the various visa categories please check our website:

• The Consular Office in Madrid is the only authority entitled to process visas in Spain. Visa applications cannot be submitted via the Consulate General of Barcelona or Honorary Consulates.

• Visa applications will only be accepted from those non-EU nationals with legal residency in Spain, i.e.: holders of Spanish residence permit or long-term visa (type D).

• Visa applications must be submitted in person at the Consular Office in Madrid, with a previously arranged appointment that may be booked via e-mail.


To request an appointment please write to The e-mail must contain the following information:

• Name, surname, nationality;
• Details on the stay in Spain (purpose and duration of Spanish residence permit/visa);
• Purpose and length of the required visa;
• Further information about the stay in Italy, i.e, in case of study: type of study course (bachelor’s or master’s degree, exchange programme or other), period, institute name, scholarships, etc.;
• Expected date of arrival in Italy.

The Visa Office will book an appointment and specify the documents to submit.